What the Poor Man Gaming Show is All About

The Poor Man Gamer Show is my chance to talk about video games that don’t get the attention they may have deserved. There are so many games released, a lot of good titles get disregarded because they aren’t as good as the best in the genre or they lack they hype of other games. My show is a chance to give these games a fresh look through unbiased eyes.

I chose to focus on games under $10 because I wanted the content on the show to be accessible to everyone. The games I cover are ones you can look up online and play them for yourself within a few days. And you never know when you’ll find a hidden gem in the bargain bin of game stores. So I hope you join me on my YouTube channel and read some articles I write about other games on this site.

So here’s to frugal gaming. Remember, just because a game is low in price, doesn’t mean it’s low in fun.

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